I'm Viktor

I like building things.

Over the past decade I've built apps, teams and companies.

Currently I'm building a new life for myself together with my girlfriend.

I believe in sharing what I know and think with anyone who is interested. For a long time, I thought I would become a teacher.

While that didn't happen (I love money too much), I regularly enjoy coaching CTOs and technical leaders as well as supporting founders in companies I've invested in as much as I can.

Growing up

I was born in Gothenburg on April 18 1986

As with a lot of people from Gothenburg, most of my family worked at Volvo. Volvo is also where my mom met a new man, leading to the divorce of my parents in 1996.

This lead to me moving with my mom and her new man to the small community Kungälv when I was 13.

Kungälv is where I went to high school. I never graduated, though. I was more interested in playing computer games, so I cut class a lot.

Not graduating meant I wasn't qualified to apply for any university. So for four years after high school I worked as a furniture delivery man. Pay wasn't great, but having the freedom to plan my own routes was.

I also got a free workout every day!

What eventually got me out of there was luck, both good and bad.

A long string of bad luck for the owner of the store meant he had to shut the place down. Which was good luck for me, since I finally had a reason to fix up my grades.

Making myself qualified for university meant that in the fall of 2009 i walked onto the campus of Chalmers University of Technology. This was a masters program in Information Technology, which mostly meant a lot of math and a little programming.

History doesn't repeat it self, but it rhymes. So at Chalmers I found a lot of interesting things to do.

I joined the student owned consulting company CTK as a software consultant. First time got paid for programming. I tried being co-leader of the software department at CTK. I organized Scrum Master certification courses for students costing $100 them, instead of the ususal $2000.

In short I did a lot of things that wasn't studying.

What I did do, however was talking about what I did. Such as the Android apps I had built in school, on the side and at my summer job at Ericson.

This lead to a friend of mine recommending me to send my CV to an app startup in Beijing, which would lay the foundation for my whole career up until this point.

To be continued...


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