Last updated: Mar 22, 2023

This is a Now Page. If you don't know what a Now Page is and you have your own website, I think you should one too.


I've been living in Stockholm since 2017 and, more specifically, Södermalm since 2019. I've been living in startup land since 2012. Either working for startups, building startups or investing in startups. Usually all three at once. However, I'm currently looking at moving to Portugal semi-long term, starting with Lisbon in May.

To get my writing habit going in 2023, I've set a somewhat ambitious goal for myself to publish 24 blog posts this year. That's three times the number of blog posts I published last year, and so far I've published 7 posts:

Health and fitness

Every year in December I give myself permission to really let myself go. The only rule here is that after the Christmas weekend I need to get on a strict diet and training program.

My current strength training routine consist of the classic base lifts (squat, bench, press, deadlift, row), paired with daily walks and a short mobility routine.


Currently CTO at a startup called Baby Journey. Our vision is to become a universe for life with small children. This vision leaves a lot of room to explore new technologies, but the core of the tech is our React Native app. I am currently transitioning out of this role, so if you know anyone that might fit, please send them this link.

Nextjs is also what I have used to build this website. Paired with Tailwindcss for an easier life. Lately I've been going deep on the T3 stack. I just feel so damn productive when using it for my side projects. This website will stay as vanilla Nextjs as possible though.