Last updated: Dec 2, 2023

This is a Now Page. If you don't know what a Now Page is and you have a personal website, I think you should have one too.


Travelling the world since 2023-06-17. Currently in Bangkok, Thailand.

After over a decade of building apps, teams, and companies, I've now started coaching founders and CTOs through something that I call Nyblom-as-a-Service.

If this is something that would be interesting to you feel free to schedule a free discovery call!

To get my writing habit going in 2023, I've set a somewhat ambitious goal for myself to publish 24 blog posts this year. That's three times the number of blog posts I published last year.

So far I've published 12 posts:

Health and fitness

Staying fit while travelling is a new challenge for me. I travel with my Adidas Power Perfect III so that if I have a gym close by I can toss a barbell around.

When I don't stay close to a gym I do a simple bodyweight routine in my hotel or room. This routine consists of:

Pushups, air squats, situps, one-legged squats, and inverted rows (if the table in my Airbnb is strong enough). each and as many sets as I can. Although sometimes I get bored after 3 and just stop.


Since I don't have a day job anymore, I'm free to explore whatever tech I want. My primary focus is currently Kotlin Multiplatform Compose and building mobile apps for iOS and Android using Kotlin.

I've also experimented a bit with building a backend using Ktor and Kotlin. If I get the motivation I'll combine this backend with my companion mobile app to share models and business logic between iOS, Android, and Backend.

For my current project, though, I'm using Firebase. I just think Firebase gives the best bang for the buck when building mobile apps. Even compared to direct competitors, such as Supabase. This is because the client SDKs for Firebase are just so damn good.

Oh, and did I mention that I ❤️ Kotlin?

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to use any of the channels below. 👇

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