Life is cumbersome when you work on other people's plans.

Oct 28, 2022 · 2 min read ·

There is a certain type of meeting that makes me deflate completely and let out a grunt that sounds something like Lurch in the Adams Family.

You know which meeting I’m talking about.

It’s the one that you said yes to two months ago that you thought would probably be okay. But now it's 10 minutes away. And you just know it’s just going to be a waste of everyone's time.


Not too long ago there was a moment when I realized that my calendar was full of those meetings. I had to hit pause and regroup.

This coincided with a session I had with my amazing coach, Alyssa, and when I told her about this she responded with a question.

If this is not it, how do I want my life to feel?

Without missing a beat I responded with a single word:


An important note here is that effortless does not mean being free from problems that I have to solve. It also doesn’t mean free from challenges that I need to overcome.

What it means is that everything I do is a conscious choice or a consequence thereof.

Where the problems I face are tied to a goal or a lifestyle that I’m committed to.

Where I can have space in my calendar to work on challenges that will make me grow.

The very next day I canceled a bunch of my meetings with a brutally honest (borderline arrogant) “I’m sorry. My priorities have changed and I no longer think it would be a meaningful use of my time.”

And just like that, I am now free to pursue the projects that give me energy.

Such as writing this blog post.

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